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Sunday Story…the Critic

Sunday Story…the Critic

And you. The critic is always there, lurking just behind the door, ready to rush out with a bang and then slink away like a stain. He/she is familiar, the voice well known, and you are used to listening.

He knows how to hurt us. She knows where our sore spots are and how to push the buttons of insecurity, insufficiency, doubt. Our inner critic lives in the shadows and gets power from our inability or unwillingness to confront him.

But what if you sat down and looked her in the eye and invited him to talk about being useful. Maybe if we welcomed him to the table there might be some constructive use there. Our sore spots are, well, sore. That can’t be helped. There isn’t anything we can do about that. But maybe if we welcome him to the party instead of running away we can make her impact less painful. Maybe if we befriend the critic we will find that he is quite ordinary and boring.

When we resist, fight, and rail against him we make her bigger and badder than he actually is. When we go to battle the fight is inevitable. If we decide there is no battle to win because there is no battle the critic loses power. The critic loses power when you shine your light upon him/her.

Don’t fight, befriend. Find out how to use, defuse and define your critic. Life is going to go on; wouldn’t it be nice to fight one less battle?

John Mariotti

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