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Sunday Story…The Hero’s

Sunday Story…The Hero’s

Journey is not a straight line. It is a circle from being called to returning home changed and renewed. Along the way we encounter challenges, defeats, revelations, death and rebirth, transformation after atonement. If you are called and choose to start the journey you will return (If you return) a changed person.

We humans are messy, confused and confusing beings. I am messy confused and confusing to myself and the people around me. I do not have it all figured out. I have things living in my shadow I don’t like, things that scare me, things that hurt me and the people around me. When I see my shadow I want to run and hide. When I peer into the abyss, into the deep dark parts of myself I want to die. And I have no choice but to step into that abyss. In the abyss I will die. When I emerge on the other side I will be reborn.

That rebirth is transforming. The emergence from the abyss of the cocoon, from the grey mush of death requires atonement for true transformation to occur. I must do better, be better and get better to really atone for my errors and my mistakes. And even then the razor’s edge is sharp and narrow.

I will atone for my errors. I will do better, be better. I will transform. I will return from the abyss, complete the journey and return. Each of you can as well.

See you in light.

John Mariotti

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