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Sunday Story…The only way out

Sunday Story…The only way out

Is through.

You can turn around and go back, you can quit, you can fire the problem, or divorce yourself from it/her/him but none of those things get you through the issue long term. As short term strategies they may appear sound. After all it looks too hard, too unpleasant to deal with, or just too much too much.

In that moment it makes sense to stop, to withdraw, to change directions. The problem isn’t in that moment. The problem arises when we are confronted again and we quit or stop or withdraw…again…and again…and again. Long term we need to do the work so we can move forward. We need to learn the lessons.

You can quit the gym. But your fitness won’t improve. You can stop being concerned about eating a healthy diet but you will still be dissatisfied with your body composition. You can stop learning the lessons but the lesson will keep coming more and more insistently.

It starts as a whisper but it will get louder every time you take the short term easy way out. Save yourself the stress, pain, and angst of having to repeat the course over and over again.

Burn the boats, take the lesson, and get through it. Act like it is the only choice you have…because it really is. You will be different because of it.

John Mariotti

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