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Sunday Story…What? Me, worry?

Sunday Story…What? Me worry?

We often relieve ourselves of responsibility with the phrase, “it’s not my problem.”

But what if you accepted responsibility for the problem? What if you, your team, your tribe could solve the problem or influence it? When we are faced with big seemingly unsolvable issues (homelessness/intergenerational poverty/peace in the Middle East) it is easy to throw up our hands and utter “It’s not my problem.”

What happens when those big issues become my issues?
What happens when I accept responsibility to at least influence the intractable?
What happens if I change my belief system to say “it’s possible?”

It’s possible to
Make a difference
Create shift
Solve the unsolvable
Love the unlovable

You don’t have to know the how or even the why. You just have to know that it’s possible.

Take responsibility. It’s possible.

John Mariotti

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