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Sunday Story…Why don’t I

Sunday Story…Why don’t I

Do what I know is going to be good for me?

You know you will feel better after you work out but…
You’re tired
It’s cold
You have SO much to do
You aren’t feeling well
You just aren’t in the mood.

So you don’t go. And you end up feeling worse partly because you didn’t work out and partly because you know it’s good for you and you denied yourself that feeling.

What is up with this? Why do we do this to ourselves? It isn’t just working out. It’s eating right. It’s drinking less. It’s reading more. It’s spending more and better time with our families.

You know what to do and you know you will feel better, and you know it’s good for you and yet you don’t do it. What happens in that brain of yours that this goes on? And on and on. Because it didn’t happen just once and you learned from it. Nope, it’s happening over and over again.

What will it take to fix this? It’s simple, really. Not easy but simple. First, make a commitment to yourself to keep your commitments. Second, make a commitment to do the thing you know will be good for but you are having a hard time doing. Third, install into your memory how you feel when you have done the thing you know will be good for you. Lastly, go do it. You’ll be glad you did.

John Mariotti

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