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Sunday Story…You, Me and Corona make 3

Sunday Story…You, Me and Corona make Three

Crisis often masquerades as an opportunity. A crisis requires us to re-think and re-assess how and why we do things and in that examination lays the seeds for new ways of doing things, for different ways of looking at problems.

A crisis is uncomfortable. A crisis isn’t fun. A crisis is stressful. A crisis is out of our control. Yet, a crisis forces us into change. A crisis forces us to think outside our normal pathways. A crisis requires a new way of thinking about a problem that wasn’t a problem before.

I can look at this crisis as a problem to be dealt with, defeated. Or I can look at it as an opportunity to find a new way, to discover something else about myself and the world around me. It is rare to be able to solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it or that existed before the problem occurred. I need to think differently, newly, with beginners eyes and a beginner’s mind.

So what are you going to do? Wallow around, worrying about things you can’t change or are you going to do something about the things you can change? Are you going to get stuck, stay stuck in your current mindset or will you allow yourself the liberty to fly further and farther on the wings of these new and greater ideas?

It isn’t what happens…it is what you do with what happens.

John Mariotti

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