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Sunday Story…Your Abs

Sunday Story…Your Abs

Are waiting. They are lurking right there…just below the surface. Sometimes when the lighting is just right, you’ve done just the right amount of work and you have eaten the right stuff they show up for just a fleeting minute. But that’s all…just a brief moment and then poof! Gone again.

The conversation goes on all the time…the bikini body…the beach body…the elusive smooth and flat midriff. It’s a bench mark that is easy for the world to see especially this time of year. I have the answer for you and you aren’t going to like it, not one little bit.

The reason you don’t have the abs you want? You have really good excuses.

You read that right. You know what to do. I have told you, other people have told you. You keep coming up with excuses why you aren’t doing what needs to be done. You don’t want abs more than you want that next cocktail, or the next TV show, or the next piece of chocolate cake.

You want the visible washboard abs? Quit drinking alcohol, get more sleep, and fix your diet. That is all there is to it. You will never out-work a bad diet and the older you get the harder it is going to be.

I can hear you already…what about_________ (fill in the blank)? All alcohol. Quit all alcohol consumption. But_______ (insert famous person here) drinks a glass of fermented rattlesnake wine every day and look at them! I don’t care. Want abs? Quit drinking. Period, end of conversation.

I know you NEED to watch Game of Thrones or the Late Show or whatever mindless pabulum shows up on your idiot box at night. Turn it off and go to bed. Early. Get 8 hours of sleep tonight. Don’t tell me you can’t. You can, you just won’t. Want abs? Sleep more.

I get that you don’t like to eat vegetables or that cooking your own food is too hard, or too expensive. Get over it. Diet is simple…eat real food that you shop for and cook. Eat meat and vegetables, maybe some starch once in awhile, some seeds and nuts, a little fruit. Restaurant food is never as healthy as food you prepare. Want abs? Eat real food.

Quit making excuses and start making abs! By the way this is true in a bunch of places…You can have results or excuses, not both!

See you (and your abs) on the beach!

John Mariotti
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