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Sunday Story…Finish Well

We are often exhorted to “begin with the end in mind”. In other words, if you start you should have some idea or plan about how you are going to finish.Starting a book? What’s your plan to finish? Got a story to tell? How does it end? Going to begin a new eating plan? How will you know if it’s working? How will you know when to stop or shift to something else? I have a fixed starting point…I should have a fixed endpoint as well.

Starting is magical. Walking through the door for the first time can begin an amazing journey. Staying on the journey can be transformative. And finishing can be magical as well…as long as you get to do it on your own terms.

We are all going to die. It’s the agreement we have in being born. Sooner or later this journey will end. Will I have prepared for my demise well? Will my wishes be clearly designated? Will the people who need to know things know the things they need to know?

Embrace the start as well as the finish. They are equally important.

John Mariotti

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