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Sunday Story…Nuts and Bolts 


Sunday Story…Nuts and Bolts

So…if you are one of our remote readers this week’s story may not carry a huge interest for you. But if you are here in the Dallas region it is long overdue!

As most of you know we are moving into the space next door. As usual a move that we had hoped would be done by mid March won’t take place until May 1st (fingers crossed!) This has been our intention all along when we moved into our present space.

Our landlord, Mitch Fonberg, who many of you know, has done a great job working with us to get the space ready. The last thing is a new floor! Yes, we are going to float the floor up about 6” with concrete! This will solve our drainage problems and create a level floor from one end to the other. So we have more usable space. Also a new heat and air unit is going in now.

On Tuesday the Master’s qualifier will be done and my full focus will go on completing this project. There are still lots of little details to be covered, mats to be ordered and general things to do. BUT it is our intention to get moved next weekend.

Many of you have met Coach Lara Norton and Coach Austin Cantwell already. Both of them bring some very special skill sets that we are anxious to put to work very soon. Look for some cool things from both of them shortly.

At the same time Tony Rios with My Martial Arts will be moving into our current space. Tony brings years of teaching experience, an established student base, and a great warrior attitude to the Odyssey Fitness Family. Tony also teaches an adaptive Martial Arts program that is way overdue and a real breath of fresh air. Also Jim Gillentine with Dallas Wing Chun (Kung Fu to most of you) will be teaching an adult class 3 nights a week. He will also start a children’s program later in the summer as well. Both of these gentlemen are on board with the Journey to Extraordinary that Odyssey Fitness promises.

We will be expanding our offerings to include yoga as well. There will be a Brazilian jiu-jitsu class starting on Saturday afternoons for those of you who want to get your grapple on!

Many of you have asked how to help or how you can support this expansion.
The answer is simple: keep coming to class, tell all your friends and neighbors about us, and drag them in if necessary. We are now doing fitness assessments for every new training student. We will also be offering each of you a similar assessment as part of your regular attendance!

We also could use donations of rowers, airdyne bikes, ski-ergs and some other equipment. We need to replace and expand some of your equipment as well and as you might guess money is a little tight as we get ready to move. We will be having a grand opening/fundraiser/bar-b-que/happy hour in May and your support would go a long way in making the Odyssey Fitness Journey to Extraordinary an even bigger and better reality than it is today.

I want to Thank each of you for all your support over the last 2 and a half years. It has been an Extraordinary Journey!

John Mariotti and Ellie McKenzie




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