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Sunday Story…Right or Connected?

All in or all out. Take it or leave it. If you aren’t with us you’re against us. The cancel culture.

I get it. There are times that call for action, not talk. There are things that are so egregious that they cry out for taking a stand, putting your foot down and crying, “No More, Never again.”

Here’s a bit of a sticky wicket, if you will…if I get mad and cut all ties with the offending organization, turn my back on the offender, or refuse any and all attempts at reconciliation there is no way I am going to have a say in the necessary reforms or rehabilitations. If I walk away I can’t participate in making things better and seeing a real and meaningful change take place.

Leaving in disgust, throwing my hands in the air, and walking righteously out of the room is certainly one strategy. I will be right. I will be on the correct side. But I won’t be connected to any strategy to fix the problem or make it better.

I could just grin and bear it, live with it or hope and pray it magically gets better. Unfortunately doing that rarely results in anything happening other than the status quo remaining the status quo.

I am part of the problem if I just grin and bear it. If I want things to change I am going to have to dig in, stay connected in the face of being unhappy, and do what it takes to find and implement solutions.

I can always walk away if I need to. I can always put my head back in the sand and hope it goes away if I just ignore it.

Complaining about a problem doesn’t really move anything forward. Find a solution; try to get a coalition of like-minded people together to work on it, spend your time implementing some strategy to make things better. You will find it way more satisfying to solve the problem then you will bitching about it.

“There is a field beyond right and wrong…I will meet you there.” Rumi

John Mariotti

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