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Sunday Story…Your Invitation to my Super spectacular 60th Birthday Party!!!

Sunday Story…Your Invitation to my Super spectacular 60th Birthday Party!!!

Date: Saturday October, 22nd 2016
Time: 6pm
Place: CrossFit Odyssey Box – 4202 W Lovers Ln, Dallas. Texas
Speeches, Formalities & Cake: 7.00pm
Dance Party: 8pm – 11pm
Please RSVP by October 19th to
October 4th, 2016
Today at 6:50AM I turned 60 years old. It seems like just yesterday I was young and now, well I’m not as young as I used to be. In many ways this may be one of the biggest milestone birthdays I have had. So we are going to have a “Super Spectacular 60th Dance Yer Face Off Birthday Party” for me on October 22nd. I have a special playlist that is going rock your socks off and get your butt on the dance floor, a committee to help with the festivities, and permission to pull out all the stops.

What I need from you…

Whether or not you can join me physically I would love a word, a song, pictures of us, a paragraph about you, me, or some memory that is especially meaningful to you. If you can send them to that would be great! We will sort them out and share them with the folks in attendance and figure out a way to share them with all of you as well. Please keep in mind this will be public so if you would to keep it between the two of us send it to me at All the farm animal/Tijuana/unsanitized versions should go here!!!!

If you can join us that would be great. There will be a presentation shared with you all, a first public unveiling of the rough draft of my poetry collection, “Loveland”, a killer dance yer face off playlist from yours truly…. Wine, beer, spirits, ribs and appetizers, and best of all… A DISCO BALL! Yep you read that right…A DISCO BALL!!!!!!!! Feel free to wear your best disco clothes or nothing at all (lol) but get here for this party!

If you feel the need to ask about gifts…my daughter got married last summer and she and her husband put together a fundraiser instead of gift registry. As a very, very proud papa I am going to tag onto their fundraiser for my 60th.
So…go here:
and check it out. They selected 3 charities near to their hearts, The American Parkinson Disease Association… The American Heart Association… Lung Cancer Foundation of America. My father died of complications with Parkinson’s and Dan’s (Shelle’s husband) mother died of lung cancer so these diseases have touched me and my family closely as they may have many of you. The least I can do on this milestone is give a little back in honor of those who can’t be here with us. I am very proud of Dan and Shelle for their selfless gift and am humbled they would allow me and my friends to contribute in some small way.

Lastly, palm trees. I need more palm trees in my life!

Hug the people you love, tell them you love them and live life fearless because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

John Mariotti and the “Dance Yer Face Off” committee

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