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The CrossFit Open – March’s Extraordinary Athletes!

In February and March, CrossFit Odyssey had several members and coaches who participated in the CrossFit Open 2022. If you’re not sure what the Open is, it is a worldwide fitness competition. Anyone can enter and compete by completing one workout per week for three weeks in front of a judge (to make sure you are doing the movements correctly and fulfilling the standards). The workouts are performed at CrossFit boxes and garage gyms all over the world and the scores are submitted online.

First of all, taking the step to actually ENTER the competition is a huge step for most. A lot of people don’t like to do it because they know that they will not win or they are intimidated by the workouts. However, we always say that this is a great way to test your mettle and see what you are capable of – and this year we had several members (and former members who moved away but told us about their participation) who did just that!

Congratulations to all of our awesome members and former members who gave it a go this year! Special congratulations to JJ and Liz, who both got their very first chest-to-bar pull-up, to Stacy, who got her very first clean, and Russell, who got his very first Double Under!!

Special congratulations to our fearless leader, John Mariotti, for finishing the Open number ONE in the whole world for men age 65+!!! After this, John will move forward to age group qualifiers and if he continues to do well he will have a chance to compete at The CrossFit Games 2022 for the title of The Fittest Man on Earth age 65+. If he makes it, this will be his fourth time competing at The Games.

ELIZABETH HUDSON – 9544th in the world for women 35-39, 56th%

JJ WYNNE – 2443rd in the world for women 50-55, 55th%

STACY DOUGLAS – 4468th in the world for women 50-54, 18th%

ELLIE MCKENZIE – 529th in the world for women 50-54, 90th%

KIMBERLEE GROMATZKY – 591st in the world for women age 65+ (she is 69 years old!) – 43rd%

ALEXI VELASQUEZ – 8,327th in the world for men age 40-44, 62nd%

RUSSELL HUBER – 1,139th in the world for men age 60-64, 44th%

WILL BECK – 26,182nd in the world for all men age 18-34, 83rd%

GARRETT QUINN – 3579th in the world for all men age 18-34, 97th%

TIM HIGGENBOTHAM – missed a workout due to travel – no score

RAMIR CAMU – missed a workout due to travel – no score

SEAN OLLRE – missed a workout due to travel – no score


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