Sunday Story

Sunday Story…Show Up

Sunday Story…Show Up Because you can. Not because you want or need something. Not because you think you might need something in the future. Show up because you can. I am not talking about just your physical presence. In some respects that is the easy

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Sunday Story…Shame

Sunday Story…Shame I talk every week with people who are afraid. Afraid they can’t do this or that. Afraid that they will be ridiculed, or have people think less of them if they can’t perform. This isn’t actually the fear of those things. This is

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Sunday Story…Push

Sunday Story…Push We humans are an interesting lot. We admire amazing feats of strength, crazy courageous acts, and extreme performances of many stripes. We marvel at the accomplishments and sit in awe of the process it took to finish the task. Yet we are OK

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Sunday Story…With a little help

Sunday Story…With a little help From my friends. Last night I happened to be listening to Joe Cocker’s version of The Beatles song, “With a little help from my friends.” I realized that I probably don’t express my gratitude often enough to all of you…my

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Sunday Story…Harmonious Balance

Sunday Story…Harmonious Balance We often talk about the need to be balanced in our life. When we get out of balance weird things start happening. Balancing work, family, career, school, me time, exercise, etc, etc, is hard work. It is easy to get overwhelmed and

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Sunday Story…The National Time Bank

Sunday Story…The National Time Bank Imagine your joy if you had a magical bank account that was filled every morning with $86,400. You get up, check your bank and see almost 100 grand in the bank. But like many things magical it has some rules

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Sunday Story…Losing and Winning

Sunday Story…Losing and Winning In most things we do we perceive there is a winner and a loser. Someone ends up on top and someone else not so much. 2 teams play and 1 wins. When I do something on my own I can say

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Sunday Story…NOW VS LATER

Sunday Story…NOW VS LATER It doesn’t taste as good as fit feels…NOW. Unfortunately this isn’t true. It tastes good NOW. Fit will feel good LATER. This is, regrettably, is the real problem with lots of delayed gratification decisions we make. We know that getting fit,

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Sunday Story…Life Lifes

Sunday Story…Life lifes Life is going to life. That’s what it does. It doesn’t matter what you do life is going to move ahead. The sun will come up tomorrow. The wind will blow (or not). It will rain (or not). Good things will happen.

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Sunday Story…Your Diet is Broken

Sunday Story…Your Diet is Broken Or maybe the word itself should be thrown out. Be gone Diet! I cringe every time I hear someone say I need to improve my diet, or my diet is wrong or my diet is (fill in the blank). When

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