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Sunday Story…Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Sunday Story…Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes We like the familiar, the usual, and the stuff we feel comfortable around. Change is uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and unusual. On the other hand

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Everybody Has a Story

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself. Sometimes I think the world is against me. Sometimes I think you would not believe the storm I have

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Sunday Story…What? Me, worry?

Sunday Story…What? Me worry? We often relieve ourselves of responsibility with the phrase, “it’s not my problem.” But what if you accepted responsibility for the

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Sunday Story…Resolve

Sunday Story…Resolve Promise yourself you will never give up. Resolve is what is missing from our resolutions. Resolve is what is missing from our goals.

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Sunday Story…Fall Down

Sunday Story…Fall Down You often hear it said about certain things…”it’s like riding a bike.” What we mean by this is once learned we just

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Sunday Story…The 3 Cs

Sunday Story…The 3 C’s You have probably seen this before: Choose Chance Change If you want to make a shift these are the 3 things

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Sunday Story…Show Up

Sunday Story…Show Up Because you can. Not because you want or need something. Not because you think you might need something in the future. Show

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